Life: Fibromyalgia, Birthdays, Work, and You

Yesterday was my half birthday, among other things.  And when I got to work I kept typing the wrong password.  It wasn’t until I accidently hit tab one too many times and typed my “password” into the username box that I realized I was, in fact, typing “birthday” as my password.  What was I thinking?!  Seriously… this never-ending cold has me doing some silly stuff.  I think this post jinxed me.

Last night during one of my many runny-nosed, insomnia-ridden alert-ish hours I stared blankly at the clock wondering why Aveda’s Shampure line leaves my hair smelling so good for so long.  Honestly.  I looked like a wreck.  Sounded like a smoker.  Felt like a helpless toddler.  But goodness knows, I knew my hair smelled good.

This morning, as I ran out the door to work I just had to grab this super-cute tissue box Daniel bought for me.  I felt like such a winner bringing a tissue box to work.  It was like the first day of any given grade school year… when teachers collect all sorts of goods as an entrance fee.  I know, I know, they need the stuff, but those lists are hilarious.

Today was my annual evaluation at work.  It went well and was a powerful reminder of how blessed I am to work for a company that respects and supports folks like me and you.  I was surprisingly proud of myself when I realized this time last year I was at my lowest point… in the middle of my worst fibromyalgia flare, on FMLA leave, struggling with the hell that is Cymbalta.  But this year… here I am.  Working full-time.  Driving.  Walking.  Even traveling.  What a blessing!  And what a difference a year makes.  Thank you for the significant role you played in pulling me out of said flare.  And thank you for your continued support.  I am humbled by your love and honest feedback.  And I pray your pain may be eased for your kindness to myself and those around you.  I know kind deeds and kind words are eventually returned.  And I know prayers are answered.  And I know those answers typically come through another person.

Tonight has been full of reflection for me.  And there are many more things to be said, but I absolutely MUST sleep before tomorrow.  So, I’m off to cope with my nightly pre-bed panic by showering with my beloved Aveda Shampure. Here’s to calming smells, comfy clothes, and a cuddly husband.

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  • Tamicat on April 8, 2009, 00:24:33

    Glad you’re back K8! I can tell that even if all of your brain isn’t there, your spirit & heart is. =) Isn’t it amazing what a little reflection can do to cultivate thanksgiving?

    “Here’s to calming smells, comfy clothes, and a cuddly husband.”

    Amen, sister! Where’s my cuddly husband…? … Ah! There! G’night!

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  • Rochelle on April 8, 2009, 09:41:10

    We’re so glad to have you back and to be hearing things like this. So great that you’ve come such a long way in a year!

    But I do have some questions for you.
    1) What is FMLA leave?
    2) What is wrong with Cymbalta – what was your experience? (It doesn’t sound good.)

    I’ve heard Cymbalta might be good for Fibro people. I had a bad experience with Lyrica and am on the hunt for something other than Elavil which I use minimally now for pain and sleep. Nothing seems to help or work. I have a new doc I’m seeing next Thurs and want to talk to her about switching pain meds. So hearing your input about Cymbalta would really help me. Thanks!

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  • Chronic Chick Talk on April 8, 2009, 21:59:10

    Oh how I love insomnia. LOL. The transition of seasons is always so difficult for me each year. I hate Septembers. I always go into the worst flares that time of year. Spring gets bad, but not as bad as September.

    Chronic Chick

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