My Weekly Routine: Monday Night Dinner 001

Monday nights are magical in my neck of the woods.  My parents host a “Monday Night Dinner” group that consists of a toddler, seven folks of my generation, and my generous parents.  Other folks join us, on occasion, but none are as consistent as the standard nine.  We decide on the menu a week in advance and we each get assignments for our contribution.  We start at six and the last three of us typically head out by 10.  It’s always loud and it’s always relaxing.  And it’s always my favorite night of the week.  Since most people in our area are not from here, we created our own family, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Tonight’s dinner inspired me to share the peace, love, and joy I feel at these dinners with you.  So, going forward, I will share a gem from my Monday night with you.  Here.  At MyLifeWithFibro.  It may be serious.  It may be silly.  But it will always be sincere.

I look forward to sharing part of my favorite night of the week with you.

Tonight’s Takeaway:

No matter what you face in this life, you needn’t do so alone.  Allow family (biological or otherwise) to help you, encourage you, and compensate for your weaknesses.  All involved will be blessed.