Fibromyalgia and (not) Being Consistent

I have been awfully inconsistent, of late.  Working my way back to nearly-full-time at work has demanded nearly all of my energy and planning activities for the ladies in my congregation has used much of my time (I love it!).  Somewhere between the two I have neglected My Life with Fibro, as well as various other endeavors.  That changes now.

After a conversation with Danny and my parents last night, I feel rejuvenated and determined to tend to my blog as I tend to my other responsibilities.  So, over the next few days I will begin my new posting plan… which consists of posting nearly every day.  Just wait!  You’ll love it.  And, I will be reaching out to y’all for input, guest posts, great finds, and more.

Thank you for your wonderful support, for the questions you ask, and for fighting the good fight to stay positive despite having a frustrating (often immobilizing) invisible illness.  If we can fight fibromyalgia, we truly can do anything.

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  • tina on July 29, 2008, 12:00:15

    Glad to see the blog posts returning, have a relatively pain free day with smiles K8.


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  • K8 on July 29, 2008, 12:53:09

    Thank you Tina. I am thrilled to be back.

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  • bobbie t on July 30, 2008, 19:12:09

    Hi K-8! My name is Bobbie and I have has fibro for 6 years now. First of all I want to say that I have read several of your post and I LOVE your enthusiam!!! I aslo love the way you have faith in God. I know He is teaching me something….I have learned so much …like you but I am 45 now and for the past month I have really been so down on the whole thing. I know I should keep trusting…I am sick of laying in this bed while my children are all wakeborarding. We live on the lake….great for kids but I do not get to enjoy it. For the first 2 years I could not lift my head off the pillow. Now I have some good days. I hate not having a BRAIN. I used to teach Anatomy and Physiology, head of Science Dept, coached competitive cheerleaders,…all that to say I used to be smart. My life is totally different now.
    I went through a phase that I did not know the person I had become. I hated that person. Befor I got sick, I saw sickness as a sign of weakiness. Mind over Body…I did not like people that asked the government for help””and I hated people that sat down when there was work to be done…All of these thing were ME!!!! Who am I? I am the mother of twins and an 18 year old daughter. I used to be so positive, like you….I am just trying to juggle bills and a husband that closed his business of 12 years of which I am not fond of. I always think I would do better without him. When I get well…..I will have another life…..this time I am older and wiser!

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