My Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan v2.1.1

Monday I had an appointment with my chiropractor in the morning and an appointment with my family doctor in the afternoon.

I love my chiropractor.  Dr. Delilah became my chiropractor through an odd string of events I can assuredly say was not a coincidence.  Since my first visit I have not only regained mobility and increased my mental clarity, I have come to pay more attention to my body and the things it tries to tell me.  And, beyond this, I have found a friend.  Delilah has a genuine interest in my health, a desire to help me find things and people that will provide me relief, and (like me) a firm belief that I will one day be free of my fibromyalgia symptoms.  As usual, I left her office feeling motivated and capable.  (Does anyone else feel like their fibromyalgia makes them keenly aware of their strengths by making them face their weaknesses?)

A few hours later I left my house to head to my 2pm family doctor appointment.  I arrived, checked in with the registrar and took a seat.  After about five minutes she stood up, called my name, and said “You’re appointment is not until 3pm, are you sure you would like to stay?”  I felt stupid and muttered something stupid in response.  As I left I pondered how sure I had been that my appointment was at 2.  I have been feeling quite a bit better, especially when it comes to fibro fog, so I was disappointed to find I had been so wrong.  I got over it after a 30 minute rest at home and the drive back to the doctor’s office.

The appointment went well.  I mostly wanted to discuss pain relief on the extremely difficult days.  AJ was quick to offer samples of Celebrex and I am excited for the potential relief.  I have not taken Celebrex in over a decade.  I honestly do not remember how it worked then.  These samples can be taken on an as-needed basis, so I will use them only on the days when nothing else works.  We talked about the dangers, the importance of taking the meds with a meal, and how quickly I should see relief and how long it should last.  I walked out feeling more prepared for the days ahead and my gradual return to work.

Bring it on… but don’t make me watch those lousy movies.