Accelerate Your Recovery

In 1989 my parents won a trip to Paris, France from my father’s employer at the time, Toyota. Before my parents left they made all the arrangements good parents would make for their four-year-old daughter. They planned who I would stay with, who would take me to school, even who would care for me should some dreadful fate befall them while they traveled. Luckily their trip went well (I even managed to teach myself to tie my shoes while they were away) and I did not have to move in with a relative or prematurely inherit my parents’ belongings.

Now, nearly 20 years later, my parents still had need to plan on my behalf before they left.

My parents have been a huge help during this flare-up. Daniel teaches school and is inaccessible during the day, so if I need anything Mom and Dad are my first responders. Well aware of this fact, the night before they left for their 25th anniversary trip, they brought down a list of close family friends who had offered to help me, should I need anything. They taped the list of names and numbers to the fridge so I couldn’t misplace or forget it (something I often do when fighting a flare-up). I never had to call any of the friends because one of them called me almost as soon as my parents headed to the airport. Each day since she has called to check on me, brought me lunch, invited Daniel and I over for a meal, or picked me up to get me out of the house for a while.

I am humbled by the support I receive from those around me. I know it has accelerated my recovery. I pray they may be blessed for their kindness.

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