Fibromyalgia Awareness & Unity

Today energized my faith in the human race and reminded me of the strength we have when we unite with others. I feel strongly that because of my fibromyalgia I have learned valuable lessons that have refined and defined me… and will continue to as I fight the daily battle. Although I am often too quick to complain, I am grateful my Heavenly Father has deemed me fit for the challenge. I am determined to be better for it.

Please remind me of that when I complain.

As I work to learn the lessons I need to learn and become the woman I need to become I want to help others do the same. I want to create a haven for people with fibromyalgia, no matter what age. A place where we can share experiences, learn about research, identify helpful specialists, and more. I pray that we can grow and reach out to those who struggle and are misunderstood. Together we will raise awareness and raise morale among those with FMS.

Raise Awareness.  Raise Morale. bumper sticker