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Category: The Wednesday What

Wednesday What: Headaches

What do your headaches feel like?

Sometimes, mine feel like this.  Other times they feel like my brain is throbbing and will surely burst my skull.  Kinda like this bit I found via Pinterest:

Bastien Aubry - WoodcutsI have no idea if this can be purchased anywhere online, but you can visit this site to learn a bit more about this award-winning work.  If you find a place selling prints of this woodcut, please let me know.

The Wednesday What: What Brings You Strength?

Today was a beautiful day. (Made lovelier by the local boy’s win on American Idol.) And on days like this I am trying to develop the habit of thinking back to a tough day, week, or month, and giving thanks for the things and people that helped me get from there to a lovely day like today.  This evening, during a similar thought process, I got to wondering…

What do you do when the only way to make it through a day is to gut it out?  What keeps you from falling apart?  What brings you strength of mind and body?  What gives you the mental stamina to endure?

I’ll be back tomorrow Friday someday with my answer(s).  In the meantime, please share yours.  I look forward to your contribution, example, and advice.

The Wednesday What: What I’d Miss if I weren’t Constantly Reminded of my Limitations

During a recent trip home from work my mind got to wandering.  It wandered through the day at work, the lovely weather, and my gratitude for the lengthening sunny hours.  Then it stopped (I’m not rightly sure how) at medical disasters.  The awful medical emergencies that cost enormous amounts of money and leave you incapacitated for months or more.

Depressing, right?

But then (I’m sure by now you know my mind wanders rather quickly) I started thinking about how grateful I am that (knock on wooden couch leg) I have not had first-hand experience with any such medical misfortune.

I guess in the pre-existence I signed up for monthly payments instead of the lump-sum alternative.  I hurt (read: pay) a little bit for the duration (hopefully less) of my life instead of hurting/suffering/hospital-ing a lot for a less-lengthy amount of time.  The latter option being the payment in full sort of gig (my typical preference).  The thought kinda shut me up.

I’ve never been oblivious to just how good I have it (though I still complain too often).  I’ve never really thought I’d prefer any other health challenge over the ones I’ve been issued (except maybe… um… nevermind).  And I’ve pretty much forgotten (if I ever knew) what it was like not to have fibromyalgia and arthritis.  So I can’t really say I’d rather not have them.  Who knows what I’d missif I weren’t constantly reminded of my own limitations (and my ability to overcome them).

Actually, I’m pretty sure I do.

I’d miss out on a healthy dose of reality.  I’d think I was invincible, and therefore be immature.  I’d probably be overworked and in the Navy.  And I know I’d be too proud.

What would you miss if you weren’t constantly reminded of your limitations (and your ability to overcome them)?

*This has been the first installment of my newest weekly routine, the Wednesday What.  Come back tomorrow for details.