Fibromyalgia Might Not Exist: And Why it Doesn’t Matter…


Long story short.  You’re right.

Fibromyalgia might not exist.

But, it doesn’t matter.  The symptoms exist.  I don’t really care what you call them.  And, to those who delight in belittling folks who have been diagnosed with the laundry list of symptoms that are often grouped under fibromyalgia, I just wonder…  Would you prefer we, instead of simply saying “I have fibromyalgia,” listed each symptom individually?

Hi, I’m Kate.  I have chronic pain, migraines, IBS, memory issues, leg cramps, fatigue, muscle stiffness, and… and… and…

Would your highness/holier-than-thou self appreciate us using so much of your time?  I’m sure your schedule is busy.  Busy is the trendy life-sucking excuse for less-than-our-best.  Isn’t it? It’s pretty clear… upon hearing the word fibromyalgia you can’t bite your tongue long enough to let us finish our sentence.  You’re so eager to display your knowledge.  To set the world straight.  To be the ONLY person who knows for sure what it is that causes my symptoms.

Freak.  Please.  If you’re so confident go pitch it to the folks who spend their whole career trying to actually help people like me.  I dare you.  Just tell ‘em.

“Hey.  I know it all.  I’ve got it all figured out.  They’re wusses.  They’re crazy.  It’s all in their head.”

I am sure they will be quick to acknowledge that you are, in fact, Doogie Howser, Dr. House, or whichever doctor you have Freaky Friday dreams about.  And then, after that, please bring us world peace.  I bet you’ve got that figured out too.

*Come back tomorrow (sorry for the delay… a migraine’s moved in) Saturday for my follow-up.