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In the News: Chronic Fatigue Likely Not Linked to Virus

It’s a sick day here in my house, so I’ve been easing into my day rather slowly.  You know how it goes… a few minutes on Facebook, a couple turns on Hanging with Friends, a bit of news, and Twitter, of course.  Nothing unusual, I know, but check out what I found in a tweet by the Deseret News out of Salt Lake City.

Research casts doubt on link between chronic fatigue, virus | Deseret News

I’d say I’ve always been a skeptical about the seemingly-simply virus explanation, but truth-be-told, I’m skeptical about most  explanations I’ve been given.  While I’d love to be able to simply explain my chronic health issues to family members and friends, I have yet to use any one explanation… I usually list three or four theories I’ve heard over the years.  And, frankly, I am likely far too proud to subscribe to one theory only to be told years later I’d been so set on said theory I missed the truth.  Is it just me?

Now, this is likely naive of me, but I can’t get over the fact that 17 studies have knocked down the theory.  Is this as high as it seems to me?  Maybe we can move on to researching a new theory, instead of just debunking old ones?  Based on the incredible experiences I’ve had over the last two years, I imagine the medical world could accomplish a lot in 17 separate studies.

Here’s something you may not know about me… while I was in college I participated in a clinical study relating to fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and pain tolerance.  It felt like something small I could do to help further our cause toward understanding, and hopefully a fix.  (I’d say cure, but the connotation seems so heroic that I feel like maybe it should be reserved for cancer, AIDS, etc.)

Anyway, you should read through this article, as well as those to which it links.  Let me know what you think about the road to uncovering the why behind our health issues.  And, let’s hear your wild ideas about what causes chronic fatigue (or chronic pain).

Chronic Pain and Cortisone, Part 2


If you have not yet read Chronic Pain and Cortisone, Part 1, please do so now.

When it came time for Dan to head to the fitness center, for my second post-cortisone trip (6 days after the injections),  I chose to stay home and enjoy my still-increasing soreness.   But I felt a bit guilty and thought I should at least do something to continue forming a habit of making fitness a priority, so I vowed spend some time with wiiFit.

And I did.

For all of 60 seconds.

I don’t know what happened, but standing on the wiiFit board aggravated my back almost instantly.  It was all I could do to gut out the body test… 100% of my pain returned, instantly.  I tried to ignore the discomfort and play some games, but I couldn’t see straight.

You know the feeling…