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My Mayo Clinic Traditions

To deal with all the awkward, and make my annual(ish) Mayo Clinic trip something special I make a point to develop a new tradition, buy an item of clothing, or discover a new treat every time I come to Mayo.  This trip has been no different.

For starters, I am freezing.

“Freezing in Arizona?” you say?

Yes.  It is December, after all.

Although, to be fair, I got married on this exact day six years ago (Happy Anniversary, Danny!) and it was 70+ degrees.

walking on our wedding day

But, stick with me. Please.

So it’s December.  And since I arrived, AZ has been cooler than home almost every bit of every day.  Plus, it doesn’t help that I am almost always cold.  (I’d say I’m just weird like that, but since I like to imagine you are like me in that regard, I won’t.)

Are you like me?

Anyway, yesterday I broke down and bought two more long sleeve pieces I can layer with the wardrobe I packed.  These two new items will make a significant improvement in how warm I feel… especially when paired with one of the four scarves I brought.  (I NEVER leave home without a scarf.  Even in the summer.)

I also bought these.  They are delicious.

Nabisco Munchables Pretzel Rounds, buttery flavor

Too delicious.

But that’s not the point.

Since I make a point to begin new traditions, it only makes sense that I make a point to continue those new traditions during future visits.

So, for this round of Mayo Clinic trips, here’s the status of my must-do tradition list:

  • dine at Kona Grill Done, with my SIL and her littles.  I even left my debit card there.
  • make at least one trip to MoJo Yogurt
  • people watch and eavesdrop so I can remember this trip vividly and take it all in
  • FaceTime with my sweetie
  • make and eat lots of homemade sandwiches Although, this is a sort of ongoing goal.
  • sleep
  • visit Pro’s Ranch Market as often as possible for chicken taquitos and  aguas frescas (What’s your favorite flavor?)
  • spend some quality time at TJ Maxx
  • stretch every morning AND every evening
  • consume bagged lettuce to my heart’s content I’ve already restocked once.
  • Christmas shop… for 2012
  • take pictures Who am I joking?  I do this all the time.
  • read
  • appreciate a few weeks of Arizona weather (don’t worry, it usually improves in January)
  • watch sports
  • buy plane tickets for summer vacation
  • spend quality time with my in-laws, nieces, and nephews Again, with the ongoing bit.

And, these aren’t traditions, but I’d like that to change:

  • take Daniel to Oregano’s for a late anniversary date
  • actually respond to people who call and/or text

Here goes… I will keep you posted.

My Team: To Sweats, Happy Mother’s Day

You are beautiful and generous and I pray you’ve enjoyed your special day.

Thank you for knowing who you are and acting as if.

Graduation 1964

Thank you for believing in, and supporting me, no matter what.

Thank you for standing up for (and to) me and teaching me to think for myself.

Thank you for setting a relentless example of productivity, service, and balance.

Thank you for being tough and pulling off my wedding. You look lovely, even with pneumonia. And your example is truly humbling. I aspire to face challenges with your strength and faith.

December 20, 2005

More than all else, thank you for loving Dad and I (and Daniel) like you do.

I know that with you on our team nothing is impossible.

I love you.

Life: To Rich&Sweats…

Thank you for loving each other.  Thank you for setting an example of love and patience.  And thank you for teaching me to read, learn, and question.

Fibromyalgia, Pirates, and Wedding Vows

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World\'s EndJust a quick thought I had while watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End…

Toward the end of Will and Elizabeth’s brief wedding ceremony, Elizabeth says:

to be your wife,

in sickness, and in health

with health as the less likely

I had not previously noticed the last comment (perfectly excusable, given the scene), but it sure made me laugh.  Mid-laugh I realized that’s the sort of situation Daniel got himself into when he married me.  Just look at the last few months!

I’ve been able to do much less than I typically do.  Yet, Daniel has done everything in his power to make me more comfortable, enable my recovery, and pick up the slack (without prompting from Justin Timberlake).  He continues to prove that I come first, and for that I am grateful.  (As I typed that, he hollered from the other room, “I love you, friend.  You’re the best one!”)

Real life love is way better than in chick flicks.  Or Pirates.

It’s funny where we can find reminders to be grateful for our blessings.  Have you had any lately?

Image from Wikipedia

Accelerate Your Recovery

In 1989 my parents won a trip to Paris, France from my father’s employer at the time, Toyota. Before my parents left they made all the arrangements good parents would make for their four-year-old daughter. They planned who I would stay with, who would take me to school, even who would care for me should some dreadful fate befall them while they traveled. Luckily their trip went well (I even managed to teach myself to tie my shoes while they were away) and I did not have to move in with a relative or prematurely inherit my parents’ belongings.

Now, nearly 20 years later, my parents still had need to plan on my behalf before they left.

My parents have been a huge help during this flare-up. Daniel teaches school and is inaccessible during the day, so if I need anything Mom and Dad are my first responders. Well aware of this fact, the night before they left for their 25th anniversary trip, they brought down a list of close family friends who had offered to help me, should I need anything. They taped the list of names and numbers to the fridge so I couldn’t misplace or forget it (something I often do when fighting a flare-up). I never had to call any of the friends because one of them called me almost as soon as my parents headed to the airport. Each day since she has called to check on me, brought me lunch, invited Daniel and I over for a meal, or picked me up to get me out of the house for a while.

I am humbled by the support I receive from those around me. I know it has accelerated my recovery. I pray they may be blessed for their kindness.