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Fibromyalgia, Mornings, and Pain: Don’t Give In

Recently I’ve realized something I may have already known, but it’s struck me so profoundly I thought I ought to pass it on.

I dread mornings.  I wake up with an upset stomach, a headache, and body that hurts so badly I can barely move.  Every morning.  It is a rare occasion that I stay in bed more than one minute after my alarm sounds.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I always want to roll over, call in sick, and sleep the day away, because at least when I sleep I don’t hurt.  But the reality is the more quickly I get up and out of bed, the more quickly I feel I can function.

And here’s the point…

How many of us give in to these awful mornings?  How many of us lose resolve after a few of these miserable mornings?  How many of us choose to go back to sleep, just to escape the pain?  Isn’t the reality that such a choice is actually inhibiting our progress toward being well and pain-free?

Too many fibro folks choose to do what seems easy (roll over and go back to sleep), or even wise, and by doing so choose to feel a bit worse each day.  We take a sick day, take it easy, and skip our exercise.  And we create our own version of the reality that so many fibromyalgia and chronic pain stereotypes are based on.  We act lazy, we sleep all day, and we think no one understands.

I am not immune to such follies.  I too give in to my pain, far too often.  But since my trip to Arizona I have rededicated myself to doing what is truly best for my body… getting up, going out, and doing something.

I need to show what I can do.

I need to see myself succeed.

I need to feel my health improve.

And I firmly believe that by doing so, I can create and maintain a cycle of improvement.  I know I will face truly challenging days.  But I pray my future lows will be higher than mast highs.  Improvement is my goal.  May it be a goal we share.

So, please don’t give in the bad days.  And if you are stuck in a cycle of submitting to the mornings you think movement is an impossibility, strive for the little victories.  Set achievable goals, hold yourself accountable (to yourself, a goal, or a loved one), and tell me about your successes.  Please.  We can motivate each other.

Fibromyalgia and Endless Appointments and Judgmental Folks

Sometimes I feel insecure about the quantity of medical appointments I have had this year.  But today I realized something.

If I don’t jump all over minor issues, as they arise, I’ll be mugged by a flare up… eventually.  So, to those of you who don’t understand the nature of chronic pain conditions, and think I’m a wuss who spends too much time with a doctor… keep it to yourself.  Please.

Your judgments don’t enrich the world.  In fact, I don’t think they do anything but reassure you that your over-scheduled, passive-aggressive life will in fact make you better than me (although the fact that you spend your time judging me shows quite candidly that you don’t actually believe that).

And, as for me, I will work on caring less what the judgmental crowd thinks.  I know I’m a “grown-up” now, and should be over caring… but I’m not.

So there it is, short and not-so-sweet… another life lesson from the shameless schoolmaster that is chronic pain.

My Team: To Sweats, Happy Mother’s Day

You are beautiful and generous and I pray you’ve enjoyed your special day.

Thank you for knowing who you are and acting as if.

Graduation 1964

Thank you for believing in, and supporting me, no matter what.

Thank you for standing up for (and to) me and teaching me to think for myself.

Thank you for setting a relentless example of productivity, service, and balance.

Thank you for being tough and pulling off my wedding. You look lovely, even with pneumonia. And your example is truly humbling. I aspire to face challenges with your strength and faith.

December 20, 2005

More than all else, thank you for loving Dad and I (and Daniel) like you do.

I know that with you on our team nothing is impossible.

I love you.

My Weekly Routine: Monday Night Dinner 001

Monday nights are magical in my neck of the woods.  My parents host a “Monday Night Dinner” group that consists of a toddler, seven folks of my generation, and my generous parents.  Other folks join us, on occasion, but none are as consistent as the standard nine.  We decide on the menu a week in advance and we each get assignments for our contribution.  We start at six and the last three of us typically head out by 10.  It’s always loud and it’s always relaxing.  And it’s always my favorite night of the week.  Since most people in our area are not from here, we created our own family, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Tonight’s dinner inspired me to share the peace, love, and joy I feel at these dinners with you.  So, going forward, I will share a gem from my Monday night with you.  Here.  At MyLifeWithFibro.  It may be serious.  It may be silly.  But it will always be sincere.

I look forward to sharing part of my favorite night of the week with you.

Tonight’s Takeaway:

No matter what you face in this life, you needn’t do so alone.  Allow family (biological or otherwise) to help you, encourage you, and compensate for your weaknesses.  All involved will be blessed.