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Category: Art

Wednesday What: Headaches

What do your headaches feel like?

Sometimes, mine feel like this.  Other times they feel like my brain is throbbing and will surely burst my skull.  Kinda like this bit I found via Pinterest:

Bastien Aubry - WoodcutsI have no idea if this can be purchased anywhere online, but you can visit this site to learn a bit more about this award-winning work.  If you find a place selling prints of this woodcut, please let me know.

My Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan, v2.1 Update

The plan continues to work well. Fortunately, yesterday and today I have been able to catch up on sleep. Like BlaxTiger, I too appreciate a morning nap. Lately, around 10 a.m. I am completely unable to stay awake. I stagger my way to bed and crash until a phone call awakes me… and I feel remarkably refreshed.

This morning I was feeling pretty sure I was improving. Tonight I feel just as awful as I did the first day I left work. From my mid-back down I feel quite like someone is attempting to remove my legs, from the inside out. Hopefully sleep will help, as it did earlier today.

Until then, I believe this powerful piece by JournalGirlKira absolutely depicts how I feel.

i want a new leg by Journal Girl Kira

I love her work and hope to have a special feature on her before too long. Until then be sure to check her out over on flickr.