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Fibromyalgia and Timothy Ferriss

After years without a severe flare, I had forgotten how bad things could get. Now, I remember and I am ready for a change…

The first few years after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia were rough. But after settling into a routine and helping teachers and friends understand how to help me succeed with FMS I eventually began to step out of the constant fibro flare. By the time I went to college I had my FMS under control. Occasionally a late night or miserable weather would throw me off but, after some solid rest and wise decision making, I would feel better.

At the beginning of the month I had an assignment due and I did what it took to get it done. Since then my body has done all in it’s power to remind me I cannot afford to put work, or much else, before my health. I haven’t been to work for a normal day in over two weeks. I work from home as much as I can but my brain can’t seem to think in numbers. The fibro fog tries to make its way into my life but I’m fighting.

I tried to make an appointment with my specialist but his secretary told me I’d have to get his approval and give up my already scheduled annual December appointment in order to meet with him on such short notice (we’re talking two weeks out). I think this low-information diet Timothy Ferriss suggested has backfired**… I must have missed a memo. Did the United States already switch to a universal health care system? Are healthcare appointments now rationed?

In an effort to get help asap I have decided to turn to my family doctor for help. I called for an appointment but he was completely booked so I made an appointment 10 days out and started scheming up ways to survive until then.

**In all reality I recommend Timothy Ferriss’ low-information diet. Try it for a week. It has helped with my fibro fog and decreased my stress. I am more productive and less overwhelmed. The diet I created for myself is not as strict as the one he discusses in The 4-hour Workweek but I’ve enjoyed it.

A bit of an introduction…

I recently graduated from college and, I fear, am officially out of excuses to act like a college student. That, in no noticeable way, has altered my behavior, but I have noticed a fairly significant change (besides the size of my bank account).

Instead of dreaming of what I want to be when I “grow up,” I am making it happen. I got the steady job with the nice paycheck, I have a list of goals with a rough time-frame, I take time to read for fun and for business…. And, in doing these things I felt I never had time for during college, I have found the length of my To Do list only continues to grow. At the beginning of the month I added My Life With Fibro to my To Do list.

D Day
I officially became a fibroyouth™ at 14. After years of constantly hurting, visiting doctors, and undergoing tests, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by Dr. James Arkins. He was quick to recognize the symptoms because, he said, his wife had FMS. He was also quick to refer me to a specialist, since options for treating fibromyalgia were limited–especially for someone my age.

Moving Forward
My survival and success in high school and college can be attributed to the team of resourceful supporters I recruited over the years. Following my diagnosis, family members and friends came together to help me learn about, and minimize the symptoms of, fibromyalgia. It was a struggle to find information that was pertinent to teenagers with fibromyalgia. My team networked on my behalf… talking with their friends, reading about research and treatment, even buying me products to try. We spent years collecting information for fibroyouth™ and putting ideas to the test. Now I want to help others do the same.