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Me and Amitriptyline

I love AmitriptylineAmitriptyline was my first love. And, I confess, we still have a thing going on.

I have taken 10mg or 20mg essentially every night for the last decade. These tiny pills changed my life. They taught me what a real night’s rest was like. They pulled me through high school and college and cut my falling asleep time from 3+ hours to 30 minutes or less. For this, I love Amitriptyline. But, last night as I struggled for over 3 hours to fall asleep I decided Amitriptyline no longer reciprocated that loving feeling.

Luckily, this morning I have regained my composure and I take back my delusional thoughts; I now believe that the Cymbalta* is to blame for my trouble sleeping. It made me tired all day yesterday, and the naps I took kept my brain awake last night.

No matter, I am off to my follow-up to talk with my doctor about the first two weeks on Cymbalta.

*Note: I have not yet been on Cymbalta long enough, or seen positive results enough, to call it my Cymbalta.