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My Life with Fibro is Expanding

Good morning, and welcome to 2015.

By now you may have realized a notable deviation from my typical annual routine… no annual trip to Mayo Clinic.

Don’t worry. It’s nothing personal.

In fact, I’ve been on the phone with the Neurology department of the Phoenix Mayo Clinic at least once a week for the last few months. So, rest assured, that relationship remains strong and influential in my life. As much a blessing today as it was five years ago when I first stepped foot on their beautiful campus.

In full disclosure, for the first time since 2007, we didn’t even travel to Arizona to spend the Christmas with my in-laws.

Now, why on Earth would we deviate from two such long-standing, significant traditions?

Well, we’ve been working on a little something around these parts, and he’s due in eight days.


Daniel and I are expecting our first child. A little boy we’ve affectionately nicknamed Groot, whom we could be not be more excited to meet.

Kate does Crossfit: Day 100

I never want to be one of those people… You know, the annoying folks who never shut up about what they’re into?

Having said that, if I feel strongly enough about something, I don’t typically care how I come off.

So, here goes… a rather indelicate attempt to walk a fine line.


Exactly 100 days ago my husband and I completed the fifth and final step of on-ramping at our local CrossFit box.  Although, in truth, that first full WOD was just the beginning.

To clarify: WOD is an acronym for “workout of the day.”

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (1234, and 5), I was a gymnast growing up.  So, if you know much about gymnastics (or CrossFit), you’ll know CrossFit is a pretty logical workout regimen for someone with my background.  It’s challenging, it’s scalable, and it’s straightforward.  And, while the community is remarkabley tight-knit and there are team events in the Games, CrossFit is a very individual sport.  Which, frankly, makes it even more my kind of thing.  Team sports have never been my style.  

The idea of a large group of people counting on me, and the possibility I may let them down?  Pass.

It’s late, and I’m fighting a headache, so I’ll call it a night… but, I’ll keep at the CrossFit and be back over the coming weeks to discuss the following:

  • How did we get into it?
  • How is my health holding up?
  • What is a typical workout like?
  • How frequently do I workout?
  • What does it cost?


I look forward to sharing this new bit of mylifewithfibro with you.  Let me know if you have any specific questions, and I’ll be sure to address them.

Until then, stay well.  Have a wonderful week.  And don’t let a fall flare get the best of you.

I appreciate your patience as I work on a new look for the site and flesh out a few new pages.

In the mean time, I strongly suggest you head over to Facebook and take a look at the pillow talk started by  The Fibromyalgia Network.  I’m not one to tout products, but I do feel strongly about my pillow.

On the Fly: Mayo Clinic Trip Number Four, Winding Down

I’m in DFW, waiting for my flight home. This whirlwind trip to the Arizona Mayo Clinic will last a total of about 48 hours, and this is hour 46. In 90 minutes I’ll be home. In 120 minutes I’ll be picking my car up from the dealer. And in 180 minutes I’ll be at work.

I think.
There are many updates I will share, but for now I will just say…

It was all good news.

Pill Popping and Shopping… Round 3

Just a quick find I thought I’d share with my fellow fibrofolks, spoonies, and POTSies as we head into the Christmas season.  Fred Flare is my favorite place to find oddball, quirky stuff that makes me smile, and, for $14, this Nut Case Key Ring Pill Case is no exception. 

Although it’s got more personality than the options I discussed in my Pill Popping and Shopping post, it’s not terribly dissimilar from amy first choice.  Similar in the right ways, but with a superior closure.  A threaded lid instead of a slider means more embarrassing spills of tiny white pills in public places and at inopportune times.

I’ve been quite happy with my more-recent upgrade, but I think I can justify this purchase.  While my current setup is perfect for travel, it sometimes feels tedious (and often goes unused) during a typical work week.  I’m thinking this is the perfect, daily solution.

How do you manage your daily meds?