Fibro on the Fly: Fixing to 5K?

Last night Daniel and I spent thirty minutes walking and jogging through the enormous parking lot over our back fence. He’s using an app named something like “Zombies, Run!” to get into this habit… And I’m considering a 5K.

If you know me at all, you’re likely thinking, “Kate went jogging?!” As you well should be. My arthritis and fibromyalgia specialist would frown on me jogging, because he fears it will trigger a flare. However, my POTs doctors at Mayo were adamant that I should walk, run, swim and / or bike. They also had me quit lifting weights, my previously-preferred method of exercise. After yard work.

Speaking of yard work… Before we went out last night I was already a tad stiff from work we did Saturday. However, my soreness does not seem to be increasing, so I will keep counting my blessings. And, as always, I will monitor my pain levels and adjust my activities as needed.

So, tell me… What do you do to keep in shape?  How do you stay fit but avoid a fibro flare?  Do you have a go-to exercise for minimizing your POTS symptoms?  Any advice for a relative beginner like me?

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  • Gilly on April 4, 2012, 13:18:42

    Hi Kate
    I’ve had ME/Fibromyalgia/CFS for the last 21 years. I am about 40% disabled according to the ME Association guide (, which means I can exercise a bit without triggering too much flare. Over the years I have learned what helps me and I thought I’d share in case any of it helps.

    Firstly, daily stretching is a must. I have to push through the pain to warm up my muscles, but it does help avoid sudden weakness and increases what I can physically do. I also use essential oils in a hot bath every few days. This keeps my core temperature up, and the oils help with individual symptoms – geranium for depression/frustration & circulation, rosemary for the aching (see The Fragranced Pharmacy by Valerie Worwood). I WILL own a hot-tub one day.

    Apart from that it’s just the sensible advice of listening to my body. Once I have warmed up I can tell whether to stop or not, and the warming up process is mild exercise in itself so I try not to feel too guilty if that’s all I can do.

    Good luck with your recovery, and for the 5K!

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