Mayo Clinic 2011, Intermission

This was written Monday, January 17, 2011.  I was exhausted after a long day at the park, and neglected to post it.  And, with that decision, my procrastination in posting my Mayo Clinic 2011 articles began.  I will be playing catch up this week, so don’t wander too far.

All great works have an intermission… why would Mayo Clinic 2011 be any different?


I wanted to make the most of my Mayo-free time in Arizona, and I’d say I succeeded.  Here’s a bit of what’s happened:

  • I fell in love with this salt cellar and pepper shaker set.  Trust me.  It’s stunning.
  • Jen got her birthday gift in the mail.

  • I spent far too long appreciating these.
  • Dan taught Spanish to kids across the country, from the parking lot of a Mexican market, using Skype, on an iPhone.  No big deal.  (Actually, he did this a week ago… but I had to share since he did it a second time during intermission and I didn’t get to take a picture.)


  • I felt like I was riding these, even while sitting still.
  • My sweetie flew home, worked Friday, then had all weekend and today to miss me… and look forward to what promises to be an impressive snow storm this Thursday.  He will probably get a snow day to sit home and think good thoughts for me and my MRI.
  • I decided I will order this when Dan and I finally celebrate our anniversary at our beloved Bonefish.
  • Beautiful… city and dancers.
  • I went to this lovely park to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Dan’s family.

20110117 Papago Park

  • This fascinated me.  I can’t believe I never saw the sun.
  • I liked this big squishy guy.
  • Daniel took care of two sick pupsqueaks.

That wraps up this evenings post.  As always, after thinking through my life, I’m feeling like a lucky duck.  I am grateful for this opportunity, and for this intermission.  I recommend you go think through your life.  I am sure you’ll end up feeling tremendously blessed.

Tomorrow I get the blood pressure monitor put on.  I will wear it for 24 hours.  That’s all I know. When I know more I will tell you.

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  • Jen on February 6, 2011, 08:17:51

    I am totally in LoVe with my necklace. Thanks again.

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