Mayo Clinic 2011, Day 2 Part 1

Traffic was reasonable this morning.  We made it to Mayo with time to spare and decided to use the extra time to catch a good meal.  Using UrbanSpoon we found the closest non-fast-food breakfast option, gave it a go, and learned a two-part lesson:

  1. Paradise Bakery is owned by our beloved Panera Bread, where we eat dinner every Thursday.
  2. When in doubt, order a muffin.

After looking Paradise Bakery up on the web, we lost track of time while reading about Panera’s pay what you can afford concept, and had to hurry down the road to the Mayo Clinic Hospital.  We had three minutes to to find a parking spot, speed-walk around the construction and through the voluminous lobby, catch an elevator to the fifth floor, and head east (nice band) to the check in desk for my second-to-last appointment

My Third Appointment

January 11, 2011 @ 9:30 am

Mayo Clinic Hospital 5th Floor 5 East
Neurology Evaluation
Dr. A-Z

As I verified my birthday (time 5) they asked if I had any medical records or MRI images to show.  And I did, but… on the ride up, I’d asked Dan to read me all the documents they’d attached to the updated itinerary I received upon arrival yesterday.  Well, in our rush to get to my appointment we left the papers in the car.  Lucky for me, I married an incredible man who was quick to run back to the car and fetch what we forgot.

Five minutes after Dan made it back to the waiting room, they called my name to see Dr. A-Z.  As we walked to the his office, the nurse asked me to verify my birthday (time 6) and did the usual temperature, weight, height, pulse, and blood pressure check.

Prior to my appointment I was told Dr. A-Z was a gem, and I was not disappointed.

For starters, he kept calling me “doll.”  How sweet is that?  Then, he managed to get me talking through my health history… not just since the symptoms for which I came to Mayo began, but from childhood through today.  His questions seemed to remind me of various possibly-related health issues I’ve dealt with throughout my life and brought to light some stones we’ve left unturned, or however that phrase goes.  After hearing what I had to say, and explaining how some of my health issues may be related, Dr. A-Z suggested we go after some of those unturned stones.

And, he made it happen.  He explained why he felt I should have additional blood work done, neck x-rays taken, a 24-hour blood pressure observation, another MRI, a venogram of my brain, and a follow-up with am after all these were complete.  He asked when I was planning to leave Arizona, then walked me to the scheduling desk where I met a helpful lady named Tamara.  She verified my contact information (You thought I was going to say birthday, didn’t you?) and sent me packing to…

My Fourth Appointment

January 11, 2011 @ 10:55 am

Mayo Clinic Specialty Building 1st Floor Check In
Laboratory Visit
MCSB Laboratory

There’s not much to say about the first of the appointments ordered by Dr. A-Z, except that I had the best phlebotomist ever and the whole thing took less than five minutes.

The second half of the day was astoundingly educational and warrants its own post.  Look for something in the next day or so.  Thank you again for your kind thoughts.  I pray my relating my Mayo Clinic experience may, in some way, help you.

4 Responses

  • adin on January 18, 2011, 02:55:08

    I’m at the AZ Mayo clinic as well, been spending some time with Tamara (scheduler) in the Neuro clinic—she’s a *lifesaver*. Want to compare tips before I head back out (probably sometime Wednesday)?

    Reply to adin
  • Beth on January 31, 2011, 12:05:19

    My mom used to work at the mayo hospital on the 5th floor, east wing. This was before the new addition.

    When she had breast cancer she had to go on leave. She did her radiology there too. Chemotherapy was at the clinic though out in the boonies I think.

    Reply to Beth