I Read: Stepcase Lifehack or Fibromyalgia and (Chronic) Pain and Posture

I am a regular reader of Stepcase Lifehack.  I appreciate the variety of ideas they discuss and often enjoy attempting to heed their advice.  Although the content usually has little to do with My Life with Fibro, last Tuesday they featured an article of particular interest to me by fitness coach, Jamie Nischan.

Nischan’s article closely echoes the advice I received during one of my recent trips to my chiropractor, Dr. Delilah.  He highlights body-friendly postures for driving, working, and sleeping and does a good job reminding you that the little things do, indeed, matter.

Before I left on vacation, Dr. Delilah strongly recommended I pay close attention to my posture.  She reminded me of the power seemingly small habits have to create muscle tension and pain.  She also reminded me how simple it can be to develop good habits and counteract and/or erase bad habits.

My sleep posture seems in line with the advice of both my chiropractor, and Jamie.  But my posture behind the wheel and at my desk need serious improvement.  In fact, my chiropractor believes my recent severe back pain can be lessened as I grow more aware of, and improve my driving posture.

Please give Nischan’s article a read, and let me know what you think.  And remember, don’t get overwhelmed.

I’m pretty sure being aware of your posture is the bulk of the battle.

I look forward to your feedback.

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  • Kimberley on July 6, 2009, 22:20:06

    Oh I’m so glad you brought this up! I too have a bad posture when I’m driving and I know it has a lot to do with my concentration behind the wheel. When I’m really focused on what I’m doing or I am stressed, the last thing on my mind is my posture.

    I really should think about it, I know, but sometimes it truly is the last thing on my mind. I’ve tried instead to shift my position every few minutes, or so, and that seems to work even when I’m really focused on what I’m doing. It took a lot of work to train myself to do that– don’t get me wrong– but it did help.

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  • Jamie Nischan on August 5, 2009, 11:06:01

    One thing to note about posture. When you’re sitting in your car or at your desk. Try to take in a deep intra-abdominal breath. The deep kind they teach you in yoga.

    If your posture is where it should be, you will be able to get a full strong draw of air allowing your belly to expand outwards.

    You should practice this once every hour or two a day. It will really help you be mindful of your body’s position.

    Nice Blog 😉

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    • Kate Blaylock on August 5, 2009, 21:31:58

      Thank you for sharing more of your expertise, Jamie. I will be sure to make a habit of practicing strong breaths, every so often. I find simple routines not only increase my awareness of my body, but improve the quality of the workday.

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