A Year Ago on My Life with Fibro


Being Overwhelmed with (not by) Fibromyalgia: This seems to be a trend.  Not just with this blog… but with my life since March.  I begin a project with an idea, I plan it out (an extra-essential step for fibrofolks), and I execute.  I do not, however, persist.  I put things on hold.  I rest up.  Perhaps I start something new.  Finally, I revisit the project or task when my brain regains its capacity for said project.  This routine has an obvious, and potentially ruinous, flaw.

Being Overwhelmed by (not with) Fibromyalgia: I plan simply to feel prepared.  I do not plan to know what I will be doing when and where.  Fibromyalgia makes the latter type of planning nearly impossible.  And for that, today I hate it (fibromyalgia, not the aforementioned fact).  I am overwhelmed and feeling out of control of my life…

My Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan v2.1.1: Dr. Delilah became my chiropractor through an odd string of events I can assuredly say was not a coincidence.  Since my first visit I have not only regained mobility and increased my mental clarity, I have come to pay more attention to my body and the things it tries to tell me.  (Does anyone else feel like their fibromyalgia makes them keenly aware of their strengths by making them face their weaknesses?)

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  • Angie Carter on July 9, 2009, 12:37:16

    Hey there K8,

    I have had Fibromyalgia for 12 years and just in the last 2 years I have managed to stay relativly pain free. I’m not really sure how I did it.
    But I’m jumping ahead of myself here. When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and all the goodies that go along with it, like IBS, Chronic Fatigue and on and on, it nearly ruined my marriage. We had only been married several years and was use to just going on small trips at a whim, that came to an abrupt halt. For 10 years I was in so much pain that I would lay in the middle of the livingroom floor and cry. Then I got mad and started educating myself about Fibromyalgia and it’s goodies. I kept a pain diary with charts and the such. I kept track of what I ate to learn if food triggered my flares, it did. Along with the pain diary I also kept a journal of everything that went on in my life to find out what my stressors were. That was a shocker, because it was my husband who was stressing me out and causing most of my flares.
    I also had those who knew absolutly nothing about Fibromyalgia telling my husband that there was nothing wrong with me, that I just didn’t want him to go anywhere and have a good time. He would explain to them that my pain was very real and that I just didn’t want anyone to know I was in pain. I told him that I have had a lot of time to perfect that.
    Then the next thing I did do was to get a new doctor. My new doctor is a specialist in Pain Management and that really helps. I also changed to a different doctor for the Fibromayalgia who is an internist but specializes in Fibromayalgia and Arthritis. He had told me that he has found that most of his paitients also have HepC and that after treating his patients for that the Fibromyalgia pain would subside a lot. That wasn’t the case with me because I had HepC and had already gone through the treatments.
    I think for me, I finally learned my triggers. Mine are sugar, stress, and the weather. Sugar for me is like posion, it makes me mean and literally sick. I end up with diarea and throwing up not to mention my pain levels will go through the ceiling and it takes me a month to flush it out of my system.
    I take a lot of supplements along with Tramadol which is the only thing that cuts the pain and helps me sleep. Also my doctor perscribed Amitripaline to help me stay asleep. I take it two hours before I want to go to bed and then I take the rest of my meds and sleep like a baby.
    I still have flares that last about a month and the pain does seem to be more entense each time but the flares are fewer and they seem to be farther apart.
    My website is dedicated to Fibromyalgia and educating people who have it and those who don’t but just want to learn more about it. I also have an e-book that I wrote on my site. Give it a look. There is information on the site that I didn’t even know. New laws are being past to help people who have chronic pain.

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