Hooray! My Life with Fibro is 100 / K8 Introduces You to a Little Something New

I can barely believe it… but I’m thrilled.

Can you believe it?

That’s right.  My Life with Fibro is 100 posts old.

For all those who say fibrofolks can’t stick with anything… I smile in your general direction.  And for those who support fibrofolks, I give thanks.  Actually, I give thanks for the negative-vibe-sending people too.  They anger me and motivate me to prove them wrong.  (I’m pretty sure that’s how I made it through five years of college.)  And yeah, I know it took me 428 days to write 100 posts.  And yeah, I know that’s probably not an impressive pace.  But I’m going for sustainable, not rapid-fire.

And now, to celebrate this lovely occasion, I introduce you to a little something new:


And no, it’s not the Association of Yale Alumni (although I do love me some Rory).  It’s “A Year Ago: on MLWF.”  And here’s the first installment:

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Fibromyalgia, Education, and Full-time Employment – part 1: I just thought something young and honest like, “He clearly has not seen my flawless GPA.”

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