Fibromyalgia and Strep

Just stopped in to write a quick post while I wait for my test results. Yesterday afternoon my throat began to feel thick when I swallowed. Not much later swallowing started to hurt so badly I opted to spit instead. (I know, that’s gross. But it’s honest, and that’s what I do.)

Long story short, I didn’t sleep much. And throat lossenges only complicated the issue. But this morning I managed to guzzle three 20oz waters before heading to work, so I figured I was good. However, endeavoring to eat breakfast was a disaster. And somehow every part of my back is killing me. And my hips are hurting. And here I am, across the street from work, at my doctor’s office… waiting for my strep test results.

My mom reminded me of something as I drove to the appointment. Strep has a wicked history of infuriating my fibromyalgia. In fact, my fibro symptoms first became apparent after a three month, on-again, off-again fight with strep. Or somewhere around there. Point is, the back pain and such makes sense… my body must be using it’s energy to fight strep, not pain. Hurting reminds me to be grateful for how great my fibromyalgia has been for the past six months.

So, with that reminder I’m off to the rest of my day. And I’m thanking my fibro for teaching me how to be productive despite feeling under the weather.

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  • Ernest Logan on February 18, 2009, 11:47:26

    I have found a very similar thing. Fibro tends to be much worse when I am / have been ill. Incidentally, I just had two separate bouts of strep in the last month. It’s definitely going around right now. Good luck with yours.

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  • Khürt Williams on February 18, 2009, 12:29:45

    I think the fibro is worsened by any type of illness. My wife has an upper respiratory infection and is in much pain right now. Any kind of illness just seems to worsen her fibro symptoms.

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  • Ker on February 18, 2009, 12:54:17

    It wasn’t til after a bout with pneumonia that I really started to believe there was something more wrong with me than just the “depression hurts” thing I’d been fed by the doctors. Praying for your healing.

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  • Cinda Crawford on February 18, 2009, 16:57:47

    Warding off other ailments isn’t always possible, even if you have Fibromyalgia. No indeed. Here’s hoping that you feel better soon, dear. I had mononucleosis last fall and CMV (cytomegalovirus), too, when I began to suddenly feel badly. Even though none of us readily listen to our bodies, it is wise and we learn good lessons about ourselves. I’m glad that you can be positive about what you face.

    Bless you and hang in there,

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  • K8 on February 18, 2009, 20:04:55

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone in experiencing increased pain when sick. I am sorry to hear about so much sickness going around.

    Rest up and get healthy! And, as always, thank you for getting involved.

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  • Pam Schueler on January 25, 2013, 06:33:10

    My daughter has Fibro. (only 18 now…had it for 2 1/2yrs) I think she may have strep or flu. Her pain was so severe last night her body was twitching.(some sort of random involuntary movements) I have seen her do this before, but only when pain is out of this world. Do you know what I mean? It scares me when it gets this bad. She says she hurts everywhere…areas that usually don’t hurt…knees, arms.. Any ideas? Her dogs help her this like your do!

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    • Kate on February 2, 2013, 08:34:26

      I was diagnosed at 14, but my symptoms began at 11. Unfortunately, there will always be some days when relief seems unattainable. However, I recommend experimenting with a variety of options. My parents almost made a game of trying heat, or ice packs, or cold showers, or ibuprofen, or Tylenol, or stretching, or sleeping, or walking, or cuddling a kitty, or taking a vacation. We tracked what brought relief… and quickly learned it wasn’t always the same thing.

      After living with my fibro for more than half my life, I’ve begun to discern what my body is telling me with the different symptoms I experience. And, during these years, other health issues have come to light that, once treated, have brought significant relief to my fibromyalgia symptoms… during most of the year.

      I STRONGLY suggest the two of you keep notes on a calendar about good days, what helped, what you tried, and what seemed to trigger the worst days. Don’t give up if a pattern, or learnings, don’t jump out in the first our second month. I promise the awareness and record will pay off.

      Also, I’ve learned that if anything is weakening your body… like a cold, sleep deprivation, extensive travel, stress at work… a flare is far more likely. So, when one part of life demands more of me, I have to ease up in another part. It’s a nonstop balancing act, but the self-awareness it necessitates can be an invaluable advantage to your daughter throughout her life.

      After seeing my parents move heaven and earth to get me medical answers, I can only imagine how this much weigh on you to see her suffer so. I pray you both find the relief you so desperately deserve.

      Please keep me posted.

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