Trying Stuff: The Rhapsody Bed by Tempur-Pedic, Part 2

I don’t take naps.  The reasons are twofold.  I typically cannot fall asleep (despite being exhuasted) and, if I do fall asleep, I hate how I feel when I wake up.  I think about all I could have accomplished instead of sleeping.  And I swear I always feel more tired than before the nap.  Despite my dislike of naps, this new mattress has me tempted to reconsider…

Everyone I’ve talked to who owns a Tempur-Pedic mattress has said nearly the same thing.  They’ve warned me not to let the first two weeks determine how I felt about the mattress.  They’ve told me the mattress is a bit smelly and stiff at first.  They’ve even suggested we invite folks to jump on it to soften it.  And, while I recognize our mattress is a little stiff and a lot smelly, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.  I’ve slept wonderfully and woken up with a minimum of pain.k8loveslots

Jumping on the mattress is like running on sand.  Daniel and I didn’t last five minutes before our thighs were sore.  Rolling over is quite like jumping on the mattress, in that it’s like rolling over on sand.  The mattress doesn’t provide any spring.  I’m pretty sure my obliques are going to love this mattress as much as the rest of me.  Or, I’m going to love my obliques as much as I love the mattress.  I hope.

On a more serious note, both my husband and I love the mattress.  We look forward to falling asleep.  I even looked forward to our Sunday Afternoon Nap.  It’s even motivated us to make the bed each day.  I will keep you posted on my fibromyalgia and my mattress.

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