Hooray! My Life with Fibro is on Alltop

I am ecstatic to announce that My Life with Fibro is included on the new fibromyalgia.alltop.com!

Featured in Alltop

If you’re not familiar with Alltop, it’s pretty much the coolest concept ever.  Guy Kawasaki, inspired by PopURLS.com, created what he calls “an online magazine rack of popular topics.”  If you haven’t checked it out I sincerely recommend it.  The site is divided into subjects, one of which is fibromyalgia.  Other subjects worth checking out include Arthritis, Pain, and Lupus.

Also included on http://fibromyalgia.alltop.com are a few of my personal favorites: The Fibromyalgia Research Blog (previously discussed here) and The Fibromyalgia Experiment.  If you don’t currently read these blogs, start.

Thank you Guy Kawasaki for recongizing the fibromyalgia community.  I appreciate you listening to direct tweets for fibrofolks like myself.  And, most of all, I am grateful for the outlet.  Grateful more folks with fibromyalgia will have access to great blogs, news sites, and reference resources.