Fibromyalgia and Fall

I live in one of the countless beautiful places in the USA.  We have a lovely community with a strong sense of self.  We love our food, our families, and our God.  We are small-town America and we do weather right.

Each season is adequate in length and intensity.  Winter is wet, spring is green, summer is hot, and fall is my favorite.  It’s warm, and chilly, and refreshing.  It’s green, and gold, and brown, and red.  It’s windy, and rainy, and sunny, and clear.  It’s back to school, and sweaters, and shopping, and reality…

...and fall

Fall wages war on me like no other season. It’s sister spring can be awful, but we’ll deal with that when she comes around next.  Fall makes me stiff, sore, cold, sleepy, anxious, and exhausted.  It reminds me to be wise, to relax, and to rest.  It renews my motivation to avoid excess and make my health a priority.  It forces me to be patient with myself and others by slowing my pace and stiffening my stride.  When fall arrives I have no option but to admit I cannot work at rapid rates.  I must dress warm and be practical.  I need, and deserve, time in the sun.  And, most of all, I cannot afford to ignore my body.

Somewhere between New Year’s and Labor Day I forget about the aches and pains of fall.  I forget about the four weeks (minimum) it takes to adjust to cold weather.  I forget about warm days, followed by 72 hours of freezing weather, followed by rain, followed by severe-clear, blistering cold.  I forget about nature’s indecision and the pain it causes me (somewhat akin the pain an indecisive girl causes her poor suitor).  I forget about the temptation to stay home (and warm) to avoid pain and stiffness.

Point is… I forget.  I forget, but I don’t mind.  In fact, it’s best that way.  It’s best because I remember the good stuff.  The things I love about fall.  The beautiful weather, the changing leaves, and the holiday anticipation.  The guests, good food, and gratitude.  The falling snow, the fireplaces, and the family-time.

So, here’s to fibromyalgia and fall!  Here’s to loving the season that hurts the most!  Here’s to remembering the good and forgetting bad!  And, for those of you who struggle to see the good when you get to hurting, I pray you can fake it ’til you make it.  I pray you can look for the positive things and dwell on those.  I promise your pain will be less inhibiting when you use your energy to create an attitude of gratitude.

Happy fall fibrofolks!

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  • Vicki Kimsey-Singer on December 11, 2008, 14:07:30

    Summer is the worst for me….I get really hot and then I get sick if I don’t hurry to a cool place. I’ve had Fibro since 1996 and Chronic Fatigue crept in sometime between then and now. STRESS is a really killer for me…..I nearly collasped at work in June and now I can’t work anymore. Yes, I’m on work disability and applying to Social Security Disability. I pushed myself to go to work for too long that my body said STOP. Now, I can barely take care of myself. What a bummer! My world shrank overnight. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF & LEARN TO SAY “NO” to others or other activity when you sense your body is rebelling.

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