Fibromyalgia Fight Songs: Little Victories

After I wrote my last Is it just me? post I got to thinking, and that thinking has motivated me to start a new series.  Fibromyalgia Fight Songs.

I am not a musician, but I surround myself with good ones.  When I can’t surround myself with good ones, I hit up my iPhone, my iTunes, my Pandora, and such.  And, like most people, my brain can remember anything if it’s placed to music.  So nearly all my memories are associated with songs.  Weather brings a song to mind.  Certain outfits bring a song to mind.  Smells bring a song to mind.  A single word can get my mind repeating a song for days.

Nearly every time I update my status on Facebook I use a quote from a song (immature, I know, but Facebook isn’t LinkedIn so I can still be a college student there).  In fact… songs now bring my Facebook status to mind… (but I still try to figure out how to quote a song by always starting with “K8 is…” even though they no longer limit me.  Heck, I could say “K8 digresses…”)

Moving on.  As I typed the following in my October 1 post

And the sorts of things Libertarians love… the little victories.

I began to sing (in my head, of course.  It’s better for everyone when it stays there.)

And I’ll be awful sometimes
Weakened to my knees
But I’ll learn to get by
On little victories

Those lovely bits of motivation come from Matt Nathanson’s song Little Victories.  I would try to write something profound about how the song inspires me to shutup and be grateful… but that pretty much sums it up.  I’ve been working on my gratitude and on focusing on my capabilities and my potential.  And, guess what.  The more I look for the good, the more I see.

No matter what one may think about the politics in their country, the decisions of those around them, the future of our planet… (the list could go on forever) there is always a little victory to be had.  Pursue ’em.  I promise you’ll be more satisfied than you were before you did.  And you’ll set a powerful example to folks like myself….

Give it a try.  Let me know about your little victories…

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  • cinderkeys on October 22, 2008, 17:39:11

    What a neat song.

    Every song I’ve ever written is a little victory.

    I know people who have fibromyalgia, or ME, or MCS, or some combination of the three. I can’t take their suffering away. I did, however, write a song, “Everybody Knows About Me,” about living with an undiagnosed invisible illness. If it helps anyone feel less alone, or helps healthy people to understand what it’s like, then that’s a little victory.

    (If you’re curious, the song is here. The site asks for a donation IF you think the tune is worth one.)

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