Fibromyalgia and Leading a Full Life

So, it’s back to real life after a weekend that passed entirely too quickly.

Sometimes I feel like living with fibromyalgia is a full-time job.  No, not really.  But fighting fibromyalgia sure can feel like one.  Just look at this wordle!  My life with fibro is a full life.  And a good life.

My Life with Fibro

I grow tired of people complaining about fibromyalgia without acknowledging the blessings that come from their fight with fibromylagia.  Anyone with fibromyalgia has a chance to grow self-aware.  A chance to realize how mentally tough they can be.  A chance to realize what a miracle the human body is.

Fibromyalgia has forced me to look inside myself and level with myself and my God.  I don’t believe everything happens for a reason.  I do, however, believe reason can be found in everything that happens.  (more on this at a later date)

I feel strongly that I am becoming the woman I need to be, in part due to my fight with fibromyalgia.  I am open, honest, and strong.  I dream big and work hard.  I know many of my weaknesses and acknowledge others as I grow aware of them.  I don’t stop trying simply because people with presumed expertise tell me I am destined to fail.  I know my body and I listen when it warns me I am making an unwise decision.

So many people have healthy bodies and take them for granted, but we, as fibrofolks, should know to be grateful everyday.  We live with chronic pain, but we live.  We live folks.  We live and we can make a wonderful life for ourselves.

So folks, what is the #1 blessing you’ve received through your fight with fibromyalgia?

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  • happydai on August 18, 2008, 07:02:39

    Great post! I do believe everything happens for a reason, and I think God wants me to realize how strong a person I really am. I have been through more stress and turmoil than a person could handle, but I have come out stronger, and realize that there is no need to sweat the small stuff.
    It is hard work to live the lifes we live, it takes more effort than the average person, and hard work builds character! I believe fibro was brought to me for a reason, and I am learning new things about myself everyday.

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  • K8 on August 18, 2008, 08:37:21

    What an impressive attitude. Thank you for commenting. It is so encouraging to hear fibrofolks dwell on the positive.

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