Fibromyalgia and Gymnastics – Part 1

I am watching the women’s gymnastics all-around competition… I always have mixed feelings when I watch gymnastics.  I always get excited.  I always get nervous.  I always get melancholy.  And I always get motivated.

I was a gymnast.  It started when I was 20 months old and my mom found me hanging upside, from my knees, in my closet.  Then a trip to a University of Utah gymnastics meet started me saying “‘Nastics for Tatie.  ‘Nastics for Tatie.”  Then, after I failed to outgrow asking for ‘nastics, I began attending Fit Kids at age four.  Then I was on team at age six.  Then… things went well.

Until I was 11 and I started having aches and pains that never went away.  As a gymnast you deal with a multitude of little pains and bruises, and you get to know your body very well.  So, when new pains start, and when new pains don’t go away, you notice.  I was in sixth grade and I was missing school to identify the cause of pains my doctors deemed more fitting of a 45 year old retired football player.  By eighth grade I was so exhausted I slept for the bulk of my Christmas break… and still went back to school exhausted.

And now I am too exhausted for more tonight.  I am off to bed.  And so is my compy.

Way to go Nastia & Shawn!

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  • Kate on September 13, 2016, 11:28:17

    I know this is an older post, but I was intrigued. I, too, was a competitive gymnast who now has Fibro. I wonder how many of us there are. I recently started teaching rec classes at a gym, and love it! Today, I decided to attempt a handstand flat back vault, and nailed it! It has been about 25 years since I’ve attempted this. My shoulders, wrists, and ankles are aching, but this is one skill I could attempt without needing too much abdominal strength and flexibility. It was so fun! I’m hoping to attain other skills, but don’t think I’ll be able to. I still love gymnastics…even with Fibro.

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