Fibro on the Fly

I am starting a new tradition. Fairly frequent posts from my iPhone. They will be relatively brief, somewhere between my tweets and my typical posts, and will focus on the little things I usually forget to discuss by the time I take the time to compose a full post.

So here you go… My first Fibro on the Fly:

One of the things about fibromyalgia that I find most fascinating is the relative inconsistency of my symptoms throughput the day. I almost always wake up feeling awful. And I almost always deteriorate during the first two hours of my day. And I almost always take about that long to get feeling well enough to really accomplish what I need to. And, and, and… Today was no different. However this is my favorite part of the month…

Month end reports at work. They are perfect for fibrofolks like myself. A defined process. Problem solving. Double-checking. Analysis. A deadline. Accountability. And such.

I find that with fibromyalgia I live by lists. They help me cover for a deteriorating memory. And they help me feel capable of focusing AND completing tasks. And, since processes are close to lists, I like processes… And trying to streamline them. Therefore, I get giddy about reports.

Bring ’em on…

Me and Mom

Me and Mom… the woman who taught me to live by lists