Fibromyalgia, Pirates, and Wedding Vows

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World\'s EndJust a quick thought I had while watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End…

Toward the end of Will and Elizabeth’s brief wedding ceremony, Elizabeth says:

to be your wife,

in sickness, and in health

with health as the less likely

I had not previously noticed the last comment (perfectly excusable, given the scene), but it sure made me laugh.  Mid-laugh I realized that’s the sort of situation Daniel got himself into when he married me.  Just look at the last few months!

I’ve been able to do much less than I typically do.  Yet, Daniel has done everything in his power to make me more comfortable, enable my recovery, and pick up the slack (without prompting from Justin Timberlake).  He continues to prove that I come first, and for that I am grateful.  (As I typed that, he hollered from the other room, “I love you, friend.  You’re the best one!”)

Real life love is way better than in chick flicks.  Or Pirates.

It’s funny where we can find reminders to be grateful for our blessings.  Have you had any lately?

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