A Fibrofolk in Need

This morning I received the following e-mail regarding my post on May 13.  I was touched by the honesty and wanted to share this with our readers.  If you have any advice or tips for this sweet fibrofolk please comment and I will be sure the reader gets your advice.

…As all of you know, many people just don’t understand this condition.

I was diagnosed with A-typical Fibro and MF back in Dec.  however, my current physician though not a specialist, thinks my condition is more than Fibro.  However, without having an income or medical insurance I cannot see a Neurologist to verify what exactly this is.

I really don’t know how you all deal with this, I guess some people are more fortunate than others and have a support team.  I’m at a point that I can’t bear to tell my family any more of the pain and suffering I deal with daily.  Unlike you, I do have to suck it up and pretend I’m doing ok.  I’ve already lost all of my friends I used to work with because none of them understand, they think it’s all in my head.

Some days, I’m just tired of the constant battle.  But I try to find something to enjoy within each day.  Does anyone else ever feel like curling into a ball and just hiding from the world?

Well it’s time to feed my cats and take another round  of meds.  Maybe today I will even try to go for a walk in the woods.  Sorry to put a damper on every one, I hope and pray that all that read this have a wonderful, happy and easy day.  Thanks for listening.

I feel strongly that as a community it is important for us to come together in support of each other.  With very little known about fibromyalgia what we know is priceless.  We need to make sure we share our knowledge.

Raise Awareness.  Raise Morale. bumper sticker

Thank you for your continued support and involvement.  And as always, I pray we may all find lessons and blessings in our fight with fibromyalgia.

P.S. To the dear reader who sent the aforementioned message:  I will e-mail you my personal response.  Later today I will write another post about the first few things I did following my diagnosis.  I will again call on readers to share their advice.  Finally, I will write a post tomorrow to discuss health care options for fibrofolks.

One Respond

  • Corkee on September 5, 2008, 22:31:10

    I found you on Twitter and just had time to really read through your blogs. So many “ah ha” moments…”oh, that fog I feel is real?” “So someone else besides my doctor believes this is a disease?”…oh, so many…planning and not knowing if you will be able to carry out those plans the next day. And, most of all, the statement you so boldly claim – that there is something to be thankful for. For me, I am thankful for now that it isn’t worse (today anyway). I can get up out of bed and feel my body signals that are calling out to me (sometimes yelling out to me and occasionally slipping right out of my mouth saying some cuss word that only my dog hears, thankfully). I can flip my long brunette hair back and face the day (Okay, that long brunette thing came from Sara Jessica Parker’s Loreal hair color ads..and my dreams…not my morning reality, I confess). The thing is, like you said in one post..we ARE living. And it’s our responsibility to our family, friends and most of all ourselves to live honestly. You are doing that. Thank you so much for sharing your story 🙂

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