My Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan, v2.1 Update

The plan continues to work well. Fortunately, yesterday and today I have been able to catch up on sleep. Like BlaxTiger, I too appreciate a morning nap. Lately, around 10 a.m. I am completely unable to stay awake. I stagger my way to bed and crash until a phone call awakes me… and I feel remarkably refreshed.

This morning I was feeling pretty sure I was improving. Tonight I feel just as awful as I did the first day I left work. From my mid-back down I feel quite like someone is attempting to remove my legs, from the inside out. Hopefully sleep will help, as it did earlier today.

Until then, I believe this powerful piece by JournalGirlKira absolutely depicts how I feel.

i want a new leg by Journal Girl Kira

I love her work and hope to have a special feature on her before too long. Until then be sure to check her out over on flickr.