Fibromyalgia & Fatigue…

I had forgotten how exhausting life can be during a flare-up. Lately I feel quite alert in the mornings but I crash around 10. After about 45 minutes relaxing or napping I feel energetic again. My energy lasts until around 3. I relax for a while, get up in time for dinner, so it goes until my exhaustion wins and I call it a night.

I am trying to determine if the exhaustion sets in because I try to do too much early in the morning. Or, perhaps, the Cymbalta is counteracting the Amitriptyline and I am not getting enough restful sleep. There is also a chance it’s just fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Whatever it is, I am working out a schedule that allows me to get ample sleep, have energy to get some household tasks done, and spend my most alert time working.
This flare-up has worn out it’s welcome… if it ever had one.

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  • Irene on October 22, 2008, 20:27:57

    I have had the same almost exact pattern for as long as I can remember only it has become worse after each child. The fatigue comes on so quickly but about the same time everyday and its so extreme it doesn’t matter what meds I’m on some days like during a flair up its much worse. I have however been taking ambien recently and my 2-3 hr sleep has turned into a wonderful4-5 hrs! I have less extreme exhaustion now and better moods.

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