Losing My Mind and Most of My Sleep

I have not taken Amitriptyline since Monday night and I’ve slept about 10 hours over the last four nights. I am physically and mentally exhausted, but each time I close my eyes and try to sleep my mind won’t shut down. I feel desperate and do not know how much longer I can go without sleeping.

This all goes back to me telling my doctor that Cymbalta seemed to make me anxious, unable to focus, and unable to sit still. If that’s the only consequence to taking both Amitriptyline and Cymbalta I want to go back.  I think perhaps my doctor forgot that I take Amitriptyline because I don’t get REM sleep naturally. I am afraid that, in the talk about my fibromyalgia, we’ve forgotten to pay attention to my overall health. Not sleeping is only aggravating my fibromyalgia and arthritis and significantly reducing my energy.

Yesterday I powered through the exhaustion in hopes of a good night’s rest. Today I will again power through the day in hopes of a good night’s rest, but I will stack the cards in my favor and take Amitriptyline tonight. I know I will not get better without sleep, no matter how many medications I take to alleviate the pain. I also know a pedicure will help me feel human again…

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