In the mean time…

Family friends came into town to spend Easter with Daniel and I and my parents. The husband, a med school student, mentioned a doctor he knows who specializes in women’s health and fibromyalgia. He explained her treatment plan to me and suggested I ask my doctor about it. I was thrilled.

Earlier today my dad called our family doctor to get an appointment for himself and, when they said they could squeeze him in, he called me, offering to give me his appointment. I called the office, first explaining I hadn’t been to work in weeks because of a fibromyalgia flare up, then asking if there was any way I could be squeezed in. The lady in appointments said “No, those appointments are for sick people.” Appalled by the statement I muttered something about being sick even though I’m not contagious and asked if I could take my father’s appointment time.

Long story short: No.

I asked to be put on the list of people to call if there was a cancellation and hung up feeling the mark of a person with an invisible illness.

As generally happens, things worked out and a few hours later the lady from appointments called me back to tell me someone canceled their appointment for tomorrow morning and she’d scheduled me for their spot. It’s just like Buddy Vernetti says, “When you play by the rules, good things happen.”